Terms of payment and travel

General terms of payment and travel conditions for Aktiv Bornholm.
Applies to hotels, boarding houses, holiday flats, hostels, camping as well as package holidays.
Nordic Travel ApS is the technical arranger of the trips.

1. Prices:
Prices are in Danish Kroner, unless otherwise stated.

2. Booking and payment:
An order is binding as soon as it has been confirmed verbally or in writing by Aktiv Bornholm.
For online booking, the trip is paid for online with a credit card and the full amount will be deducted 10 days before departure.
An administration fee of 145 DKK will be added to all orders.
The administration fee is not refundable if the trip is cancelled.

If you order by contacting the Call Center via E-mail or phone, the trip can be paid for either by credit card or bank transfer by arrangement. The full amount is due for payment at the latest 30 days before departure. Confirmation is sent by post or E-mail.

If booking takes place later than 10 days before arrival, the full amount must be paid immediately after booking.
If payment is not received on time, the reservation will be viewed as cancelled and the terms in paragraph 4 and 5 will come into force.

3. The customer can cancel the trip subject to the following terms and conditions:
Before 30 days prior to departure: fee 0 DKK.
Later than 30 days, but more than 3 weekdays prior to departure: fee 500 DKK.
Later than 3 weekdays, but prior to departure: fee 50 % of the total amount.
Non-arrival: 100 % of the total price for the trip is paid.
Cancellation must be submitted in writing by e mail.

Purchase of airline tickets is subject to special conditions and restrictions which you must be aware of as generally they cannot be changed or cancelled.

When purchasing tickets for special events, such as concert tickets, theatre tickets and entrance tickets to attractions, as a general rule the purchase cannot be changed or cancelled.

Cancellation conditions in point 3 and 4 apply unless other conditions associated with booking is specified.

4. Exceptions to paragraph 3:
Hasle Hytteby, Hasle Holiday Park, Holiday Centre Æblehaven, Storløkke Holiday Park, Hotel Klintely, Dueodde Badehotel, Gudhjem Holiday Park, Gudhjem Søpark, Pension Koch, Hotel Østersøen, Baadstad-Strand Holiday Apartments, Strandgaarden Holiday Apartments, Pyttegården Holiday Apartments and Feriecenter Sandvig.
Bicycle package tours and other package tours where overnight accommodation is booked in a number of different places.
The following applies to cancellation of the above-named package tours and trips where the above holiday residences are used:
Cancellation earlier than 30 days prior to arrival: fee 0 DKK
Cancellation later than 30 days, but more than 14 days before departure: fee of 50% of the total amount.
Cancellation later than 14 days, but before departure: 100% of the total price for the trip is paid.
Non-arrival: 100 % of the total price for the trip is paid.

5. Transfer:
In most cases it is possible to transfer the trip to someone else. If there are special demands on the travellers, e.g. age or physical condition, then the person to whom the trip is transferred must meet those demands. In some cases it is not possible to change tickets etc., and the trip cannot be transferred to others.
Transfer of plane tickets is not always possible in practice, as the airlines do not accept changes after booking for most ticket types. If the trip needs to be transferred to another person, then Aktiv Bornholm must be informed in writing no later than 14 days prior to departure. If the transfer is possible there will be a special transfer fee. The original lessee is jointly and severally liable with the new traveller for payment of any residual amounts and for the costs resulting from the transfer.

6. Changes:
General changes to the lease and ferry tickets can be made until 10 days prior to arrival against a fee. Changes made later will be viewed as a new booking. Costs in connection with changes to the trip after booking: Change of ferry times and/or lodging as well as transfer of trip: 150 DKK.

7. Liability:
The traveller is not exempt from liability, even if he/she is covered by force majeure (war, nuclear and natural disasters or similar) and will not be able to use the trip.

8. Number of participants:
It is not allowed to let more people stay in the holiday residence than the number stated upon booking without special agreement with Aktiv Bornholm. Any and all changes must be approved by Aktiv Bornholm. This is also the case, even if the booked residence, according to the description, is meant for more people than those stated upon booking.

9. Complaints:
Any complaints must be made directly to the residence etc. as soon as possible during the stay. If improvements are not made, then Aktiv Bornholm must be notified on telephone +45 56 97 27 40 no later than 24 hours after arrival. The right to compensation is lost if the problem is not reported to the lessor immediately after discovery. If the holiday residence is left without the lessor or the organiser having reasonable time to solve the problem, the right to compensation will no longer apply. Complaints and any claims for compensation must be sent in writing to Aktiv Bornholm within 30 days after the stay.

10. Changes to stays:
If parts of a package holiday cannot be delivered in accordance with the confirmation, or if a replacement cannot be carried out, then the lessee has the right to cancel at no further expense. The paid amount minus the value of the parts of the package, which the lessee may have already used, will be returned to the lessee. Besides this, the lessee can make no further claims against Aktiv Bornholm.

11. Insurance:
Participation is at own risk, and no insurance of any kind is included. Aktiv Bornholm can arrange travel insurance from Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S. The insurance must be taken out when the trip is booked; this can be done on the front page of www.aktivferiebornholm.dk after the trip has been booked.

12. Responsibility and arrival/departure:
Information concerning time of arrival/departure from the residence will be stated on the booking confirmation. The holiday residence must be left in the same condition as it was found upon arrival. The lessee is responsible for the leased, both furniture and fixtures. When renting bicycles or other equipment the lessee is liable to the owner for damages. The lessee is obligated to follow the house rules and other conditions which may apply to the residence where the lease was entered into. Please note that the breaking of rules in severe cases may lead to dismissal, in such cases there will be no refunds of rent.

13. Contractual basis:
All holiday trips are sold in accordance with the law on Package holidays from 30th June 1993. The technical organiser of the trips is Nordic Travel ApS, who is a member of Rejsegarantifonden (The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund) (membership number 1936). In order to be covered by Rejsegarantifonden at least 2 services must be purchased at the same place, e.g. lodging and transport. As a customer you will not be covered if you only purchase e.g. a hotel stay.
Further information can be found at www.rejsegarantifonden.dk
Group holidays and special events are not covered by these terms of lease, as special laws of contract apply to these types of holidays. The above general terms and conditions of travel apply to all other bookings, unless special conditions are stated on the reservation.

Aktiv Bornholm is not responsible for misprints and omissions in printed and electronic material, e.g. brochures, websites, etc.