Questions and answers

Here you can find information which may be useful to your trip. If you cannot find an answer to your question here you can send an email to or call Aktiv Bornholm at telephone +45 56 97 27 40.

Who is responsible?
The publisher of this website is responsible in his capacity as package organiser according to the ”Law on package holidays” for the described trips and the travel documents issued in the organiser’s name.

When is my booking binding?
The booking is binding as soon as it has been confirmed orally or in writing.

What, when and to whom should I pay?
The payment time is stated in “Terms of payment and travel”.
How does my ferry booking work?
In your confirmation you can see the booking number for the ferry. This number is given when checking into the ferry. If payment is not on time according to terms of payment, then the ferry booking may have been annulled and cannot be used.

When should I arrive at the ferry?
Information concerning the latest possible check-in will be printed on your ticket. On the Køge and Ystad route the latest possible check-in time is 10 minutes before departure. On the Sassnitz route the latest possible check-in time is 30 minutes before departure. It is important to be there on time. Otherwise your booking will be annulled, and you will be transferred to the waiting list for that ferry.

Is it possible to park at the ferry terminal?
Yes, there is long-term parking at the ferry terminal and at the train station in Ystad. Prices are around DKK 60 per day. The following cards can be used: Preem, OK/Q8, Shell, Statoil, Hydro, Volvokort, American Express, Diners, Visa/Dankort and Master Card. The machines also accept Swedish coins.

How do I find the hotel?
See the map at and the address on your hotel voucher.

When do I have to check in and out?
In general, all rooms are accessible from 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 11.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

How do I find the bike rental or the golf courses?
Directions will be printed on your bicycle voucher or golf voucher.

Are my start times on the golf courses guaranteed?
Yes, the times you can see in the booking have been entered by the individual golf club/course, and the club will guarantee the booked time..

What handicap is needed to use the course?
The handicap limits are stated in the information from the individual course. Check of handicap will be performed before you start. If you have an incorrect handicap and are not allowed to play, the course fee will not be returned.

Can I book several start times?
Yes, you can. Just ask at the reception at the golf club, and they will help you.

When will I receive my travel documents?
After your reservation you will receive a booking number and a confirmation on email. Once payment has been performed correctly, you will receive a confirmation and vouchers for hotels, bike rental, golf and any other extra arrangements.

What is included in a package booking?
In order to be covered by Rejsegarantifonden you must purchase at least 2 services from the same place, e.g. lodging and transport. As a customer you will not be covered if you only purchase e.g. a hotel stay.

Which rules apply if I want to change or cancel?
See the cancellation rules for costs. If you want to make changes, please contact Aktiv Bornholm..

What if something happens to me?
See terms concerning cancellation in paragraph 3 and 4 in the Terms of payment and travel.

What if something goes wrong?
If parts of a package holiday cannot be delivered in accordance with the confirmation, or if a replacement cannot be carried out, then you have the right to cancel, without administration fee. The paid amount minus the value of the parts of the package, which you may have already used, will be returned. If mistakes happen after arrival, then you must try and remedy them at the site (e.g. hotel or golf course).

If you subsequently want to complain, you must contact the booking place at first. See more about the possibilities for reductions in price or compensation in the current “Terms of payment and travel” in paragraph 9. Complaints.

What happens if we cannot reach an agreement?
If we cannot reach an agreement you can contact the Danish Travel Complaints Board, which treats complaints in connection with travel, i.e. all transport to and from foreign countries and package holidays. See more at